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Aug 22, 2017

Trump: Close Encounters of the Third Reich

When the aliens showed up one day over North America, President Trump told the American people and the rest of the world that he was the most capable leader to negotiate with them. “I’ve made deals with the Steve Bannon, how worse can these motherfuckers be?”   ...CONTINUE READIND>>

Jan 20, 2016

GOP Primaries: Irate minds think alike

Sarah Palin is not one to shy away from expressing her views no matter how unsubstantiated or half-baked they are. So it’s no surprise that she has finally weighed in on the GOP presidential primaries to endorse none other than Donald Trump.   ...CONTINUE READIND>>

Nov 21, 2014

US Congress: All It Takes Is An Act

In a rare and laudable gesture of genuine bipartisanism, US Congress lawmakers of both parties have introduced legislation to close a loophole that has allowed suspected Nazi war criminals who have become US citizens to receive social security benefits while overseas. The bill is aptly called   ...CONTINUE READIND>>

Nov 11, 2014

Reagan to Thatcher: An Apology (the Call)

The setting: 10 Downing Street, private chambers, October 1983, late evening. US Forces have just invaded the Caribbean island of Grenada to depose its Marxist–Leninist government. No prior notice has been given to the British government despite the fact that Grenada only gained independence  ...CONTINUE READIND>>

Nov 11, 2014

Reagan to Thatcher: An Apology (the Song)

Following a telephone call US President Ronald Reagan made to British Prime Minister in October 1983 to apologize for invading the Caribbean island of Grenada without letting the Brits know it beforehand, Reagan, an artist at heart, penned a more personal apology and asked his pal Stevie  ...CONTINUE READIND>>

Oct 10, 2014

Penitentiary Interiors: To Die For

Oklahoma is not usually a State much associated with the sophistication of interior design but that is about to change with the unveiling of the newly designed death chamber in the State's Penitentiary in McAlester that is bound to make a splash.  ...CONTINUE READIND>>

Aug 27, 2014 | GUNSЯUS

GUNSЯUS: No Child Left Behind Unarmed

After the recent accident in an Arizona shooting range whereby a nine year old girl accidentally shot and killed her gun instructor with her Uzi, the NRA (National Rifle Association) and the NSSF (National Shooting Sports Foundation) have issued the following joint statement: ...CONTINUE READIND>>

Jul 18, 2014

Hate Group Recruitment: The Klux of the Matter

In a last-ditch effort aiming at reversing declining membership, Ku Klux Klan (KKK), the not so lovey-dovey organization with a penchant for  Halloween-like attire and pyromania, has of late denounced racism, denounced their "hate group" status of days of yore and rebranded themselves ...CONTINUE READIND>>

Jun 20, 2014

The Cheneys: Who's Afraid of the VP's Oomph?

It is a safe bet when you read axiomatic superlatives regarding the nation like the following: "the greatest force for good the world has ever known", in the context of an advocacy group, a zealous political speech or on Fox News, that you are dealing with some permutation of the good-ol'  ...CONTINUE READIND>>

Jun 02, 2014 | GUNSЯUS

GUNSЯUS: Vanitas  Vanitatum, Omnia Vanity Fair

For anyone who has delved into the annals of the Al-Qaeda lifestyle magazine "Inspire" or attempted to (granted that reading through the minutiae of suicide-vest stitching is tediously melancholic), it was only a matter of time before the National Rifle Association (NRA) issued  ...CONTINUE READIND>>

May 16, 2014

Religious Fundamentalism: Linguistic Contortions

In conjunction with the philosophical meta-question of "Can you have too much freedom?" (assuming there is such a thing) and the derivative "Can there be too much tolerance?", comes the as vexingly important "Can you have too little intolerance?" conundrum. The resounding answer, ...CONTINUE READING >>

May 06, 2014

US Primaries: Lipstick Virility

That a war-veteran, hog-castrating aficionado, "farm girl" would also be a gun-wielding, Harley-straddling, leather-adorned chick is naturally no surprise to a casual observer of GOP, and conservative at large, antics. With her second TV ad Senatorial candidate Joni Ernst has  ...CONTINUE READING >>

Apr.17, 2014

Louisiana: Forward to the Past

The Louisiana House of Representatives has of late become a metaphorical agora of national conversation where pivotal human-interest issues, which reverberate throughout the nation, are debated; an unofficial bellwether, one might say, of the national discourse agenda.       ...CONTINUE READING >>

Apr.25, 2014

US Primaries: Sticking To Their Guns

What do you get when you cross partisan polarization fostered by cutthroat primary elections, a love for the second amendment and a disdain for big government? Proud rifle-owner, unabashed technophobe and purveyor of the skies, Republican House candidate, Matt Rosendale,  ...CONTINUE READING >>

Apr.10, 2014

US GOP Primaries: Plaid vs Dress Shirted Pioneers

This Iowan primary for the US Senate pretty much sums up the current diverging (yet parallel) trends in the Republican party, in their years-long outbound trajectories, away from the moderate center and towards the outskirts of tea-party-ism.  ...CONTINUE READING >>

Apr.10, 2014 

The Bible: #tope

Alarm bells are ringing in the thematically furnished American Bible Society national headquarters what with a new study showing diminished interest and increasing skepticism in the holy book, especially amongst the younger ages. Rest assured that these bible-minded guys & gals  ...CONTINUE READING >>

Apr.04, 2014 | UPDATED Apr.06, 2016

Mississipi State: They Took Away Our Slaves, But They Will Never Take Our Freedom (to deprive it to whoever we want to)

Freedom is a lofty word but the concept it represents can quite easily be manipulated to fit into any point in a wide spectrum of ideas and intentions, sometimes to even signify the opposite, its retraction. The reasons are mainly twofold.  ...CONTINUE READING >>

Apr.08, 2014

The Law: Paltry Wording, Poultry Warfare

As mentioned before, the practice of Law is basically all about linguistic meaning. Prudent lawmakers should be vying to reduce the chances of misinterpretation and ambiguity. What constitutes discrimination? How is harassment defined? Where is the line between profiting...CONTINUE READING >>

Mar.27, 2014

Sarah Palin is at It Again: US Amaziness

All brand new Sarah Palin TV series exploring the amaziness (Sarah is an onomatopoeia-affictionado) of America (a.k.a exceptionalism, wackiness, etc) with bucketfulls of shooting down, skining or taxidermizing vertebrates, monster-truck and other gas-guzling-vehicle racing & crashing, a variety of patriotic oudoorsy locales and a theme song from the (self-described) "most patriotic band". It's like you've died and went to redneck-heaven

Mar.26, 2014

Atlah World Missionary Church: Tough Love

As we all know churches are spiritual womb-like enclaves where callers are unreservedly embraced, wisely comforted and earnestly guided through life's vagaries and pitfalls. Ok, you might in some be required to wear full plate armor but where's the fun in not dressing up?       ...CONTINUE READING >>

Mar.26, 2014

US Primaries: Of Hogs and Congress

An enticing intro ("I'm Joni Ernst. I grew up castrating hogs on an Iowa farm"), loads of cute piglets (two of which are even spooning! >>presumably cuteness is a byproduct of castration) and some swine-metaphors. Yes, the art of political advertisement has never been more creative, (if by creative we mean porking out on wackiness).

Mar.21, 2014

US Primaries: Weathered

Susanne Atanu, Illinois GOP candidate & GOP pariah, of human descent, who happens to vehemently believe that gay rights cause tornadoes, same-sex marriages “breed aids” and autism is a punishment from God, just won the republican primary for the 9th congregational district. ...CONTINUE READING >>

Mar.06, 2014

US Governement demonstrates that it has a sense of humor

Sprint Let the Government Spy on its customers and now it's getting sued by the Government. This is brilliant on so many levels: the US Governement brazenly attempting to turn the tables on its recent eavesdropping PR debacle // The blurry aspect (both legally and morally) of privacy rights abuse vs the quantifiable aspect of financial abuse // The diverging, but not mutually exclusive, possible motives of greed, gall and retribution behind Sprint's fleecing the Feds // The Pynchonian administrative minutiae of invoicing such covert interceptions.


Mar.21, 2014

US Primaries: Russians Bearing Gifts

Russia Banned A Random Group of American Politicians From Coming to RussiaConclusive proof that the Russians are not at all mean-spirited or vindictive, but on the contrary benevolent and altruistic: They have just given several US politicians heading for the Mid Terms the best possible present for their campaigns.

Mar.06, 2014

News Media: The Bottom of the Barrel

That Russia Today America anchor Liz Wahl dad had enough is understadable and her resignation on air commendable.  Now let's cross our fingers that she won't be headhunted by Fox News. On another note, I am wondering if watching both RT & Fox News cancel each other out in terms of misinformation or if it's a telltale sign of bipolarism? Considering that a recent study found that people watching Fox News are less informed than those not watching any news, it is only fair to assume than watching both news channels causes Alzheimer's.

Feb.13, 2014

Religious Liberty:

The "I Can't Believe it's Not Liberty!" Type


It is interesting to note how the concept of "religious liberty" is in essence a carte blanche to both adhere to any belief system you want and to discriminate against anybody dimmed to deserve it by that same belief system.  ...CONTINUE READING >>

Feb.21, 2014

Advertsing: Historical Context

This add, from an online dating service for married people to cheat, is either the epitome of clever advertising or the kernel of cynicism. Then again those concepts are often tautological. Under greater scrutiny, one is also left to wonder the meaning of "prosperity" the add is promoting considering that the cheating Presidents displayed  as the epitome of prosperous cheating were (in chronological order) suffered from polio, was shot dead, publicly humiliated and impeached.

Nov.07, 2013

Racist Attire: Much Worse Than Racist Behaviour 

KKK Imperial Wizard Hates to See Kids in Klan Costumes: 'There's No Respect' he sais. Letting aside the irony, cases like this demonstrate how extremist ideologies, cultivated by such groups, are by nature and intent prone not only to dispersion by adherents of such ideologies, but also amplification, resulting in such grotesque manifestations that sometimes even the orchestrators consider unbecoming (mind you, not because for their wrongfulness, but for their ridiculing the "ideology"). The fundamental issue being that such ideologies when "active" are inherently bound to gravitate towards their logical extremes.

Feb.11, 2014

COALITION OF THE WILLING (to screw other people over)

Apparently Mormons, Catholics, Baptists and Lutherans Team Up to Fight Gay MarriageSetting aside the You-Must-be-Tripping-on-Hard-Drags statement that they are not at all bigoted but rather guided by reason (gasp at your leisure), experience (in intolerance) and fact (loads of those in the bible), I am perplexed as to how these 4 organizations that disagree on basic things like the rapture, means of salvation, the existence of purgatory, marriage of clergy, baptism, original sin, etc, managed to agree on this. But then again, discrimination and exclusion have always been such strong unifying concepts.

Feb.12, 2013

Creationism meets Paleontology (and trust me you don't want to meet their offspring)

Apparently dinosaurs were once vegetarian, hand-fed by Adam & Eve, later turned carnivore with all the Abel & Cain brouhaha, then after surviving the Flood (in the arc obviously) domesticated by men and even later getting extinct by greedy men turning them into meat-plates and handbags. Bonus tip for the kids: All scientists adhering to atheist ideas like Evolution will face "everlasting punishment".

Illustration from the children's book: "Dinosaurs of Eden: A Biblical Journey Through Time" by Ken Ham

Apr.29, 2013

Racist Melee: Alien vs Predator #4: Civil Society

Battle of the Hate Groups: KKK Takes on Westboro. On the one hand you have the KKK waxing about the hard-earned value of free speech and on the other the Westboro crowd explaining how racism on the basis of skin color is completely unfounded and unbiblical. KKK is pissed at Westboro for dissing soldiers and Westboro is pissed at KKK for dissing blacks. And all these without a single grain of humor.

Dec.26, 2012

Heretical Nuns

The Vatican reprimanded US nuns "for focusing its work too much on poverty and economic injustice, while keeping silent on abortion and same-sex marriage". Those american nuns are practically heretical, probably doing strip-shows on their spare-time and donating the proceeds to hobos, who we all know are atheists, and feeding them baloney-rolls during Lent.

Dec.07, 2011

Fox News: Cultural Heritage Hoarders

FOX says 'Muppets' are brainwashing kidsAnother case of blatant manipulation of children's minds by the socialist Media revealed by stawart childern-defender Fox News. In a long such abominable tradition of mind-control other glaring examples include "SpongeBob SquarePants" covertly promoting an "alternative lifestyle" (a.k.a. practically preaching gayness) and global warming propaganda as well as "Sesame Street" disseminating redistribution mantras and affirmative action


Apr.03, 2012

Vortex of Doom

Sarah Palin to Tori Spelling: "You are an inspiration". This kind of negative feedback loop can can probably lead to the annihilation of all human intelect.

'Today' Was All About Sarah Palin

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