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Mar.21, 2014 | US MADNESS

US Primaries: Weathered

Susanne Atanus, Illinois GOP Congressional candidate, of human descent, who happens to vehemently believe that gay rights cause tornadoes, same-sex marriages “breed aids” and autism is a punishment from God, just won the republican primary for the 9th  district


Now... I don't want to be mean, but I'm only human. So let me just say that if God is cruel enough to create a human-walrus hybrid and dress it in a man's suit, then yes, maybe weather & diseases is his way of making a point.


All the above make her opponent, David Earl Williams III (who considering that he was raised by a single mother, has a pretty eccentric name suffix), a paragon of reason, and his losing the primary, a telltale indicator about the kind of quirky (or jokester) persona of the average republican primary voter.


As a bonus, the video of their debate, all stripped down interiors & focus on the issues, is as sureal as one would expect. Poor David (the 3rd) is trying so hard not to burst out in spastic laughter while she drones on, while when he speaks, she basically looks likes she needs petting and feeding. 

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