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Nov 21, 2014 | US MADNESS

US Congress: All It Takes Is An Act

In a rare and laudable gesture of genuine bipartisanism, US Congress lawmakers of both parties have introduced legislation to close a loophole that has allowed suspected Nazi war criminals who have become US citizens to receive social security benefits while overseas. The bill is aptly called "No Social Security for Nazis Act".


In order to encourage and promote this rare occurrence of bipartisan cooperation amidst an otherwise gridlocked and deeply polarized Congress, it is proposed to draft more of such bills which can provide common ground to the bickering representatives. Some examples


  • No Affordable or other Care for Nazis Act

  • American Investors Protection against Nazis Act

  • No Gay Marriage for Nazis Act

  • Nazi Abuse Encouragement & Enforcement Act

  • Prosecutorial Remedies and Other Tools to end the Exploitation of Infants by Nazis (PROTEIN) Act

  • Do-Not-Call-Me-A-Nazi Implementation Act

  • No Protection of Nazi Commerce in Arms Act

  • Maoism Prevention Act of 1949

  • Nazism Prevention Act of 1939

  • Attila the Hun Prevention Act of 434

  • No Nazi Left Behind in the USA Act

  • Preservation of No Access to Care for Nazis & Nazi Liberty Relief Act

  • Retention Tax on Purchases of Adolf Hitler's Art Act

  • Nazis’ Cost-of-Leaving Adjustment Act

  • Fair Sentencing of Nazis, Stalinists & Khmers Rouges Act

  • Unborn Victims of Nazi Violence Act 

  • Brandishing the Legitimacy of our Enduring and Anti-Nazi Constitutional Heritage (BLEACH) Act 

  • LOLcats Prevention Act of 2006

  • Family WWII-themed Entertainment and Copyright of Nazi propaganda Act

  • Nazism's & Stalinism's Detractors Reconciliation Act

  • Don't Phish, Don't Snitch on Nazis Repeal Act

  • Helping Families Save Their Homes from Nazis Act

  • Uniting and Strengthening America by Contributing Handy Mechanisms Pertaining to Intercepting and Obstructing Nazis (USA CHAMPION) Act


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