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WARP of EXCEPTIONALISMThis website is a light-hearted exposé of the absurdity, hypocrisy and bellicosity (a.k.a. wackiness) of the power-yielding sociopaths, megalomaniacs and cliques, the über-ideologues, the fiery-eyed, befuddling preachers of morals (and other evanescent constucts), as well as the fervent and prolific propagandists the word over. What all the disparate individuals, groups or sects usually have in common is their pathological abhorrence of reason & moderation as well as their stark belief in their personal, regional or national exceptionalism. This in turn means that their self-sustaining wackiness manifests throughout all aspects of life, distorting anything it comes in contact with, from human rights and quality of life to the most innocuous of considerations (toilet paper shortages, V-neck shaming, you name it). Irony is perhaps the only sane method of dealing with all this quite real surrealism. 

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