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Apr.08, 2014 | US MADNESS

The Law: Paltry Wording, Poultry Warfare

As mentioned before, the practice of Law is basically all about linguistic meaning. Prudent lawmakers should be vying to reduce the chances of misinterpretation and ambiguity. What constitutes discrimination? How is harassment defined? Where is the line between profiting and profiteering? Does cock-fighting include chicken-boxing? Does the term "chicken" cover game fowl? What about turkeys? Should there be a separate clause prohibiting turkey fighting, pheasant Ju-Jutsu and partridge kenjutsu?


Yes, the law can be brutal for those drafters not meticulous enough in the minutiae of definitions since it is a safe bet that there are always going to be loophole-seekers, lurking around capitols, sworn to circumvention.


On another note, it is noteworthy to note the ingenuity behind the now banned "spurs, gaffs and knives" customized for chicken-mounting. We are talking about some fully armed, combat-ready chickens here folks. Good thing they are out of the market because it wouldn't be long before some challenged, video-gaming, fowl lover came up with the concept of poultry-battalions (commando-cocks, chick-squadrons, etc) to either re-enact civil war battles, invade obnoxious neighbors or storm the County Sheriff's offices.


Louisiana Senate Refuses to Protect 'Chicken Boxing'

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