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Nov 11, 2014 | US MADNESS

Reagan to Thatcher: An Apology (the Call)

The setting: 10 Downing Street, private chambers, October 1983, late evening. US Forces have just invaded the Caribbean island of Grenada to depose its Marxist–Leninist government. No prior notice has been given to the British government despite the fact that Grenada only gained independence from the UK nine years earlier and is part of the Commonwealth.


The phone rings.

Margaret Thatcher: Prime Minister's residence, the Lady of the House & country speaking.

Ronald Reagan: Hey Margie, it's me, Ronald.

MT: Hello Ronald and good evening to you. Please call me Margaret. 

RR: Listen, I'm gona get right to the point Margie. I just called to say I m sorry...

MT: Oh Ron...

RR: Should have given you the heads up for that invasion business...

MT: Oh Ron...

RR: ...but on my defense, I thought Grenada was a cocktail, not  a country!

MT: Oh well, no bother Ron.

RR: The army guys were all over me not to say a word. Such party-poopers this bunch...

MT: Yes, I know how these things work. I have orchestrated my fair share of covert military operations you know.

RR: You sure have babe.

MT: Just next time I wake up with an itch to invade Argentina or France I may do it unilaterally and you'll just have to read it in the papers.

RR: Yeah! Show those Commies what you've got!

MT: Well, they aren't really...

RR: So, what are you wearing, you sexy fox?

MT: No time to chitchat Ronald, I have tricky debate in the House of Lords tomorrow morning and you know how mean those misogynist bastards can get.

RR: All right. Go get 'em tigress, eat 'em alive. Hack their hands off, slash their spleen out, bite it hard and devour it right there and then in front of them. Or maybe bring a shotgun and shoot them in the legs and then...

MT: That is a tad too graphic for me Ron and probably unnecessary. Well, I best be off, cheerio for now.


Four days later a complimentary packet arrived for Margaret from the White House containing a recording Reagan made especially for her with original music by Stevie Wonder.


CLICK HERE for lyrics of the Reagan-penned tune.

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