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Mar.26, 2014 | US MADNESS

Atlah World Missionary Church: Tough Love

As we all know churches are spiritual womb-like enclaves where callers are unreservedly embraced, wisely comforted and earnestly guided through life's vagaries and pitfalls. Ok, you might in some be required to wear full plate armor but where's the fun in not dressing up?


And as a bonus selling point, here comes the occasional church with a subversive & sarcastic killer sense of humor: After the illustrious signage (pictured) of the Atlah Missionary Church in Harlem NYC was vandalized (someone spay-painted "god is gay" on both sides), the pastor had this to say about the incident: “It was motivated by pure and simple hate.” (Please note here that the pastor may simply be alluding to the age-old "Liar Paradox" as in "Is a hater of haters a hater?" and most probably trying to stoke up a Semiotics debate among his congregation).

Vandalism of Harlem church sign being investigated as a hate crime

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