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The Louisiana House of Representatives has of late become a metaphorical agora of national conversation where pivotal human-interest issues, which reverberate throughout the nation, are debated; an unofficial bellwether, one might say, of the national discourse agenda.


On the heels of the insightful deliberations on poultry athletics, and specifically on the thin line between blatant exploitation of fowl and recreational activity of the same, comes another frontline issue that touches on both the ambiguity of moral judgment and the very fabric of the American political system. Is sodomy morally vile? Is the US Supreme Court all that big a deal? Can a State pretend that it has seceded from the Union or that the Confederacy had won the Civil War? Can it at least outlaw progress? The answer of the overwhelming majority of the Louisiana representatives is resolutely yes to all the above.


This vote gives hopes to other skeptical States that they can indeed resist the straightjacket imposed unilaterally by the federal government, the shameless lamestream media & the grandstanding liberal elite and replace reality with their own state-proud version. Next on the agenda, what's the deal with the Establishment Clause? Hasn't this church & state separation thing dragged on quite long enough? Can those two be rejoined in blissful union and get it over with? Aren't they anyway meant to be together like gumbo and jazz? Magnolias and the perfume industry? At the very minimum can't the Bible be designated the official Louisiana state book? Surely the Bible is as (spiritually) succulent as crayfish, the State Crustacean, as uplifting as the State Bird, the eastern brown pelican, or as wholesome as the State Drink, milk. Of course the real debate here is which version of the Bible to select for officialdom, the Catholic, the King James or the illustrated Comic Book Bible?


As before, this issue also speaks directly to the nuances of American psyche and reflects the prevalent talking points of the contemporary, country-wide dialectic: Is common sense overrated and isn't some graphically-enhanced iconography instead of any staid, abstruse or longish (more than a paragraph) text always a marked improvement on the latter?


Louisiana House votes 27-67 to keep unconstitutional anti-sodomy law on the books


Holy Bible Could Become Louisiana's Official Book

Apr.17, 2014 | US MADNESS

Louisiana: Forward to the Past

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