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Venezuela: In the name of the father, the daughter and the chavismo spirit

Russia, Iran, Syria, beacons of (pretend) democracy hail the arrival of iconic leader Hugo Chavez's favorite daughter, Maria Gabriela Chavez, in the UN as Venezuela's deputy permanent representative and all together toast their anti-US credentials. She may not have much of diplomatic experience (none to be exact) but that is inconsequential compared to the asset she does have, namely an eerie resemblance to her deceased, hallowed father. Thus her posting to New York is ideal as she will elicit great awe in all the Chavistas at the UN headquarters and great dread to all his detractors. Plus, she can always channel his spirit for special General Assembly speeches (since current Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro has been at it for some time now, it shouldn't be a problem for Maria). Surely, El Commandante must be looking down (or possibly up) from his Chavismo afterlife in great delight.


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