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Religious freedom: Florists in distress

Presidential hopeful Jeb Bush, defending (predictably) Indiana's "Religious Freedom Restoration Act", expressed his empathy about all those distraught florists who are asked to do flower arrangements for gay weddings. Imagine the horror of knowing that your meticulously designed bridal bouquet will be placed in the hands of a man! Who later on, adding insult to injury, will probably throw it to a crowd of more men! Or picture your lovingly executed roses-and-peonies centerpiece placed in close proximity to persons of suspect sexuality! Can this traumatized florist ever look at peonies the same way again?

Indiana Governor Mike Pence, facing national outrage, feigned surprise about all the brouhaha: "Was I expecting this kind of backlash? Heavens no". Do I still expect to go to heaven? Hell, yeah.


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