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US Congress: Dis or be dissed

Senate Republicans have once again, after they invited Netayahu to speak to Congress without informing the White House, bypassed Obama in order to meddle in the country's foreign policy. This time 46 of them sent a quite patronizing letter to the Iranian supreme leader basically saying that the nuclear deal currently being negotiated will be dead on arrival. This is not just a breach of protocol but a serious affront to the separation of powers. What's got into them? Have they been riled up by the hawkish, Dick Cheneyesque, Obama-hating faction of their party or have they simply been binge-watching House of Cards, Season 3?

It was only fitting then that their condescending letter, purporting to "teach" a constitutional lesson to the Iranians, was answered by the Iranian Foreign Minister calling it for what it is, a propaganda ploy, and giving them a lesson of his own on international law, hoping, as he cheekily writes, to "enrich the knowledge of the authors" in this crucial topic.


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