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Erdogan: Infinite Wisdom, Alas not in Jest

Responding to criticism from Brussels regarding the latest arrests of journalists in Turkey, President elect and Sultan aspiring Erdogan said: 'Please keep your wisdom to yourself.' Unfortunately, Erdogan hasn't been heeding his own advice determined as he is to share his own wisdom with the rest of us every time someone hands him a microphone or he spots a podium in a 500m radius. We have thus been illuminated lately about a plethora of issues that we have apparently been wrong about. For example we have learned that:

  • Women are frail, delicate creatures, unequal to men, who should stay home and bear children.

  • Gender equality can in fact lead to higher female suicides.

  • Birth control is a form of treason as those promoting it plan to dry out the nation's bloodline.

  • America was discovered by Muslims adventurers way before Columbus stepped foot on Bahamas.

  • There's an international interest-rate lobby stealthily undermining Turkey.

  • So does a foreign media cabal.

  • The social media is a scourge and should be avoided wherever not yet banned.

  • More is enviably more and less is for losers with no pride.

  • Journalistic freedom is an euphemism for free-wheeling slander by your enemies.

  • Ottoman Turkish is a useful language to know despite nobody currently speaking or writing it, whereas Kurdish (spoken by 20-30 million) is not.


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