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Captain V. V. Putin: Let the band play on

Clear your schedule, stock your freezer with vodka and make yourself comfortable. It's that day of the year folks for the excessively promoted and (therefore) much anticipated "marathon Q&A" with your beloved czar-in-the-making, Vladimir-who's-your-leader-Putin.

Some of the highlights from Putin's answers:

  • "Interest rates will come down sooner rather than later", in any case, much, much sooner than I step down.

  • "Worst case scenario a 2 year path to exiting current economic situation", best case scenario, my 40 year reign.

  • "Kiev is running punitive military operation, not Russia"; we on the other hand are running a benevolent propaganda operation.

  • "If Europe wants secure gas supply, we'll happily work with them;" if they don't we'll happily watch it freeze to death.

  • "Do we fight for sovereignty or let the Russian bear be stuffed?" And let me tell you, I've stuffed my fair share of bears, it ain't pretty.

  • "I have love in my life, I love and am loved." See my polling numbers.


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