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Assad: Mix & (Paris) Match

Syria's weasel-faced ruler, Bashar al-Assad, gave a rare interview to a Western media outlet (Paris Match). Here is a brief summary of his assertions:

  • Who is responsible for the current mayhem: The terrorists (& its foreign backers).

  • Who started it: The terrorists (& its foreign backers).

  • Who is shelling civilians: The terrorists.

  • Whom are civilians fleeing the cities from: The terrorists.

  • Whom are 3mil Syrian refugees against: The terrorists.

  • What is no longer asleep in Europe: Terrorists.

  • What is Europe and especially France mostly exporting to Syria: Terrorists.

  • Whom with has Hollande the same popularity in France: Terrorists (ISIS).

  • Who is keeping his children up at night asking tough geopolitical questions: Terrorists.

  • Knock, knock. Who's there? Terrorist. Terrorist who? Terror east and west, quite the terrorfest.


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