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Vlad's State of the Nation - Out Now

Out now, Vladimir Putin's State of the Nation 2014 record. A live performance by singer/songwriter/producer Vladimir Putin, recorded in the State Duma Moscow studios on December 4th. Some of the highlights:

A passionate violin backed song where Putin declares that Russia will never take the route of "self-isolation, xenophobia, of being suspicious, seeking for enemies.” It' d much rather take the escalator.

A balalaika jazzy tune where he accuses the West of "pure cynicism". Cynicism should always be mixed with some tablespoons of propaganda for a richer flavor. Basic leadership culinary tips.

And a darker, soulful piece where he croons about "enemies of yesterday" who are trying to bring a new Iron Curtain down around Russia. Whereas Russia is too busy making enemies of the future. And that iron curtain wouldn't be a problem if it could fit a dozen other countries, like Ukraine, for company.


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