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Erdogan: The Rediscovery of America

We can now add Historical Revisionism on the list of Erdogan's list of ambitious aspirations along with Perpetual Rule, Banning the Internet, Jailing the most journalist & Building the Biggest of Everything. To that end, he has just set the record straight about the discovery of the America. Namely, that it wasn't Columbus but rather Muslim sailors, about three centuries before him, who were the ones to do so. Irrefutable proof of that can be found in the diaries on non other than Columbus himself who writes that he saw a mosque on the Cuban coast. A closer reading of the diaries has also revealed the following sightings: >> A bowling alley on Grand Bahama (or Abacos, it's not clear). >> A midsize mall on a Puerto Rico plateau. >> A ferris wheel in Anguilla (no mention of a roller coaster). >> A Taco Bell drive-thru on a Guadeloupian glade (although it could have been a McDonalds, the writing is ambiguous).

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