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Apr.07, 2014 | US MADNESS | GUNSЯUS

GUNSЯUS: Loose a Grip, Get a Sales License 

The gun control legislation saga is like a cat-and-mouse game, only the cat has a limp, is myopic and suffers from a musophobia. So here went in 2013 NY State governor Cuomo prancing and meowing about the state ban on assault weapons, only to be mischievously tripped a year later by a ratty gun manufacturer over the very definition of the weapons themselves (sometimes it seems that practicing law is all about semantics).


What does an assault weapon make? Ergonomic pistol grip? Gone; a small inconvenience to users now required to use both hands and can no longer multitask while shooting. Bayonet mount? Scrapped; slightly annoying for rifle owners that now have to put down their gun to stab their target. High capacity magazine? Adios; marginally awkward and aesthetically displeasing for gun-bearers who have to stuff their cargo-pants pockets with extra magazines when on a shooting rampage.


Missouri gun company to sell 'New York-compliant' AR-15 rifle

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