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Mar.21, 2014  | ERDOĞAN

Erdoğan: Glossary of Interdiction

Another day, another Erdogan exclamation about a ban. At least he has been working on his vocabulary after hiting a wall with the self-referential "ban the ban". In the spirit of this improved eloquence (see "Eradicate!" & "Wipe Out!"), lets give him a hand with some suggestions for the bans to come:

>> Pulverize (as in: We'll pulverize Instagram)

>> Annihilate (as in: We'll annihilate Google)

>> Hack to death (as in: We'll hack Windows 8 & 8.1 to death)

>> Blow to smithereens (as in: We'll blow the Internet to smithereens)

>> Wipe off the map (as in: We'll wipe the 21st Century off the map)

'We'll Eradicate Twitter,' Turkey's Prime Minister Vows

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