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Mar 06, 2015 | INTERNATIONAL

Benjamin Netanyahu: Waxing Poetic on Iran's Frenetics

Israel's prime minister's, Benjamin Netanyahu, words of wisdom that he shared with his audience in the US Congress seemed to have gone down pretty well, at least with the Republicans (with Obama, not so much).


Truth be told, Netanyahu is an eloquent, chutzpah-full, speaker, who will go to any length to engage his audience, even if it means using visual aids. In this instance, trying to convince Congress that the nuclear deal being negotiated with Iran should be rejected, he combined a resolute, gung-ho attitude with a more poetic approach, saying indicatively: “This deal won’t be a farewell to arms. It would be a farewell to arms control". Here are some other literary gems that were omitted from the final draft at the last moment:


  • It's not for whom the bell tolls, it's on whom the nuke falls.
  • This deal has neither sense nor sensibility, let alone pride, only prejudice.
  • Obama beats on, gullible against the current reality, borne back ceaselessly into a trap.
  • This deal is like the old man and the sea. And alas Israel is the marlin!
  • It is the best of times to make Iran squeal, it is the worst of times to make a deal.
  • There are no great expectations from this deal, only great trepidations.
  • It is a truth universally acknowledged that a theocratic nation in possession of a nuclear arsenal must be in want of a target.
  • This deal is much ado about nothing, not at all as you like it.
  • Expecting Iran to give up the bomb is like waiting for Godot.
  • These negotiations are like a long journey into the night, at the end the Nukeman cometh.
  • This deal shall reap the grapes of wrath.
  • This deal won't achieve the taming of the shrew. It will be more like the turn of the screw.


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