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Apr.08, 2014 | ASSAD

Assad: At the Top of His (Board) Game

What with the space program coming along and elections planned for the near future, Assad believes this year is as good a time to end his unanimously successful program of a custom-version of the famous board game Risk.


The unanimously acclaimed game, initiated nationally in 2011, was immediately met with broad approval and soon managed to attract near universal, voluntary participation. This stimulating and challenging undertaking has been for the last three years both entertaining and educating the citizens of Syria in a variety of matters like the dangers of internal conflicts, the importance of building structural stability and the necessity of resource conservation. The slightly antagonistic nature of the game has been instilling and cultivating the drive for excellence and self-fulfillment in every participating player. The program also strengthened the collective bond of all Syrians and brought together disparate groups and social enclaves that were otherwise isolated.


All in all a great triumph for the Assad government and one that has made a particular splash in the world stage. The government is in consultations with several countries, like Lebanon and Ukraine, to adapt the game for their home audience.


Assad: Syrian war over by end of year

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