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Jan.16, 2014 | CULTURAL (NO)MORES

Theme Park Trends: Maritime Disasters

The Chinese, eyeing another market to dominate are cunningly planning their entry into the Theme Park industry, with some ground-breaking ideas. Typically for China, stoked by its antagonism with the West, this commercial endeavor manages to both promote the Chinese prowess and the Occident's weaknesses by appropriating some of the most tragic incidents in the latter's recent maritime history.


Apart from the Titanic feature other future attractions include:


>> Costa Concordia running aground simulator (Enjoy the rush of being trapped underwater!)


>> Raft of the Medusa simulator (Partake in the sensory experience of dehydration and cannibalism!)


>> Sinking of SS Athenia simulator (Have fun-fun-fun in getting torpedoed and sinking on fire!)


Titanic iceberg simulator in Chinese theme park 'in bad taste'

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