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Putin: Let's get physical

According to the Putin School of Leadership, the most important thing for a leader is to look like a leader, specifically one that can beat the hell out of you. Anybody can wear a fancy suit and look sternly behind a desk full of papers, but that does not a leader make. No, to do that you have to hark back to the days when real leaders where seen on horseback leading the troops to battle and were followed by stories of how he single-handedly slaughtered dozens of enemies. In today's PR norms that translates to slightly more mundane demonstrations of physical strength & stamina such as hunting, shooting & fishing activities. In this latest example, we can admire President Putin working out at his Sochi place along with Dmitry Medvedev, the Russian Prime Minister. Having a sidekick is always a bonus as you have a baseline to show how much stronger, fitter and prretty much better in everything you are.


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