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Kim Jong-un: The lobsters of wrath

North Korean dear leader, Kim Jong-un, has been visiting production facilities all over the country to inspect firsthand the glorious state of North Korean industry while coming up with some flattering photo-ops. Although most of the time his visits are crowned with immaculateness as another facility is hailed for its excellent contribution to the people, sometimes things don’t turn out that well. On some rare occasions Kim gets all worked up and lashed out, usually on days when he skipped breakfast or stayed up late the previous night watching reruns of Top Chef. In his latest visit for example at a terrapin farm, he scolded the management for failing to (a) breed freshwater lobsters, (b) create a pleasant atmosphere and (c) adequately arrange the room for education in the revolutionary history. For where are the workers supposed to enjoy their 15 minute lunch if there is no room for education of revolutionary history?


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