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Egypt: Carmen does Giza

Another day, another indecent exposure incident at the pyramids. This time, adult-entertainment actress Carmen De Luzi is said to have been "acting" near the monuments, though she flatly denies doing so. "It's all a big misunderstanding", she posted. "I was merely doing some stretching routines after a long camel-ride, you know how it is. My attire was wholly appropriate except when my chador was suddenly shredded by my hungry camel (I had earlier spilled some hummus on me, it was a bumpy ride) and my undergarments appeared to be still be at the dry cleaners. And those two naked Bedouins you see in some photos are two completely unrelated bystanders who happened to stop by to pet the camel and comment on the weather. Sure, the camel did take an intense liking to one of them which was slightly uncalled for but completely coincidental and no fault of mine".


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