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Tajikistan: Pretty (Veiled) Woman

In an effort to quell the rise of Islam in the country and in particular a surging religious observance, the government of Tajikistan has effectively declared war on religious clothing. Last month the president himself has criticized women wearing "foreign" black clothing like veils and the authorities have since been reported to be harassing and even fining sellers of such items. Most peculiarly though, state television has claimed that local prostitutes wear head or face scarves in order to drive up prices.

You'd expect that customers of that service would want to see what they are paying for upfront and that this is all a smear campaign and you'd be right. But for the sake of the argument we can always speculate that (a) they never take the veil off so the customers can fantasize their ideal woman, (b) the thrill of the unveiling pumps up the desire (a "Kinder Surprise" for sex-craving grownups) or (c) like a scratch-card lottery there are a few great beauties amongst all the sex workers and the customers are paying up for the chance of discovering one.

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