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Erdoğan: Clinical Case

Turkish filmmaker Mustafa Altıoklar, has figured out a clever way to combat Erdogan's zero tolerance on criticism: be subversively literal. Facing charges of "insulting" then-Prime Minister Erdğan when he said he "should be certified insane", Altıoklar has retorted in court that he actually made a medical diagnosis and thus can in no way be considered as an insult.

In this spirit, next time somebody is inclined to insult the great man and jeoperdize his freedom, he or she should hold back their spontaneous terminology and rephrase it in a more innocuous, medically inclined way. For example:

  • Megalomaniac dictator: Suffering from narcissistic personality disorder coupled with sadistic tendencies.

  • Conspiracy freak: A schizophrenic sadly also saddled with a persecution complex.

  • Dirty liar: A case of pathological lying of someone exhibiting little regard to personal hygiene.

  • Attention seeking brute: Histrionic personality disorder with forceful demeanor.

  • Pompous tyrant: Inflicted with a psychotic disorder & exhibiting grandiose delusions.

  • Deranged bully: Paranoid personality disorder with morbid jealousy symptoms.

  • Cursing twat: Someone battling with Cyclothymia & Tourette Syndrome.


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