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Paris: City of lights, love & drones

Another beautiful Parisian night for romance, gourmet dining and Stephen King-ian drones flying ominously overhead. The unidentified flying objects hovering mysteriously and elusively in the Parisian night sky may be a cause for concern for the local authorities and the French security circles but on the other hand they do add a certain otherworldly allure to a city famed for unique atmosphere. For all we know it could be a stunt by the city tourist bureau to boost visitors after the Charlie Hebdo related mayhem (though unlikely, as it could be construed as an additional danger), or a monitoring endeavor by the French intelligence services. Or even better, a Dan Brown type of intervention by the illuminati. Suffice to say, the city has survived in the past American warewolves, it can surely handle this as well.

Update (Feb.26): The plot thickens as police arrest three Al-Jazeera journalists for the alleged flying of one drone. Were they creating a newsworthy story to report? Were they filming their own drone footage? In any case, there is no connection with the drone sightings the authorities assured. Or isn't there?


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