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Kim Jong-un: Coif & Go

As any seasoned leader knows, in order to be a great one you also need to look like one. This is even more so for those absolute monarchs ruling with an iron fist who vie to project an aura of superiority and omnipotence. Get the look right and you are halfway to ruling for life. No wonder then that Kim Jung-un, still in his formative authoritarian years, it trying out different options in order to find that distinct, awe inspiring look that will crown his reign. Don't forget he has some pretty large shoes to fill, what his dear leader dad and his great leader granddad. In the most recent variation, he sports an austere yet polished haircut that exudes geometrical perfection (it has been meticulously crafted based on the golden ratio) and thus mental preeminence. The diminished eyebrows were sadly a byproduct of hairspray abuse.


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