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Erdoğan: ♪ All by Myself ♫

Turkish all-knowing President Tayyip Erdoğan is known for speaking his mind, on both the domestic and international stage, even if that means sometimes alienating other leaders or creating diplomatic episodes. As any seasoned authoritarian or self-help guru can tell you, caring too much about what others think of you is unproductive. Thusly, Erdoğan bluntly declared he has no problem with being isolated. The path of the righteous is after all a lonely one. And sometimes on those lonely hours as he forges ahead he sings to himself this Celine classic:

When I was young I relied on everyone And making laws was just for fun Those days are gone Reigning alone I think of all the despots I've known When I dial the telephone Nobody's home All by myself So want to be All by myself Ever more

Good to be sure Sometimes I feel so mature Other leaders are distant and demure So hard to endure

All by myself So want to be All by myself Ever more


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