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European Monarchies: All my children

Historically speaking, royal families are renowned for their soap-opera-like intrigues, their salacious shenanigans and overall their penchant for the dramatic; think of Henri the VIII's marriage record (one of which ended in an execution) and Catherine the Great 's erotic frolics (that may have included a horse). In recent years, the scandals may have been less homicidal but they sure have given TV soaps a run for their money; think Sweden's Crown Princess falling for and then marrying her trainer and Denmark's Crown Prince getting hitched with a commoner, a marketing consultant of all professions and let's not even get started on the British royal family. No surprise whatsoever then to learn that Spain's former King, Juan Carlos, who has abdicated only last year, is being accused (for the 2nd time) of having an illegitimate child. He is hardly alone on that front of course, following the fecund footsteps of other flirty monarchs like Charles II, Henry I and Louis XIV. Oh well, the pains of being a European royal.


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