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Russia: The Driving Game

It should come as no surprise from a government that relies on xenophobia, homophobia and bigotry à la carte to distract the citizens' attention from its own failings and turn them against phantom enemies (domestic and foreign), that it would come up with these new arbitrary rules that amongst other things ban transsexual and transgender people from driving as well as labeling them sick.

Further legislation in the pipeline allegedly includes:

  • Banning gays from using heavy machinery - Too dangerous due to their frequent habit of breaking into song or dance.

  • Banning lesbians from taking taxis - Too waste of a time for flirty taxi drivers.

  • Banning bisexuals from voting - Studies have shown that they are incapable of making a choice and sticking with it.

  • Banning cisgender individuals from owning pets - Scientific-sounding studies in the University of North Eastern Siberia have shown that animal cruelty is more pronounced in such people.

  • Banning intersex individual from bars & restaurants - Can be confusing for other patrons.

  • Banning pangender individuals from the country - Their greediness can undermine social order.


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