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Turkey: Let's get physical

Turkish governor Dursun Ali Sahin has recently banned elevators in government buildings so people take the stairs up to the 3rd floor in order to fight obesity. "Taking the stairs instead of elevators can add an extra day to your life" Sahin was reported saying, "which you can spend climbing more stairs, adding more days and so on to infinity".

Other health promoting measures the provincial authorities are considering are:

  • Banning bus rides for less than 4 stops. Commuters will be encouraged to run by the busses' side on specially demarcated lanes.

  • Banning computer use while seated for at least half of the working day. Instead, employees can do squats while typing away thereby strengthening their leg muscles, reducing cellulite and increasing circulation.

  • Banning intra-building telephone calls. Workers should instead walk with a briskly pace to the office of the co-worker they wish to communicate while doing biceps curls to tone their arms.


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