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Xi Jinping: Don't Rain on My Parade (You'll get wet)


Spot the actual reasons from those below the Chinese authorities came up with to ban demonstrators at Macau airport waiting for the Chinese President from using umbrellas in solidarity to Hong Kong's democracy protests.

(1) Umbrellas can visually interfere with the control tower and could therefore affect flights.

(2) Large numbers of umbrellas can distort satellite imaging.

(3) They would distract the migratory birds that are flying overhead at this time of the year.

(4) Windy conditions could airlift umbrella holders and result in freaky Marry Poppins accidents.

(5) It's extreme bad luck for more than 21 people to open umbrellas in an airfield.

(6) A little rain didn't hurt anybody, man up people of Macau!

Right answers: 1 & 4


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