And the award goes to...

According to Erdogan, the Noble prize is not awarded objectively, which only goes to prove the West's bias against Muslims. The Turkish leader-for-as-long-as-he-can was also very critical of the following:

  • MTV's VMAs // Miley Cyrus getting Video of the year instead of Beyoncé? Disgraceful.

  • BAFTAs

  • People's Choice Awards

  • Turner Prize // Awarded only to British artists to intentionally exclude Muslim artists around the world.

  • Tony Awards // Aladdin deprived of the best musical award obviously a jab at Muslims.

  • Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards // Selena Gomez? For real?

  • Pulitzer Prize // For having no idea what this is.

  • The Golden Raspberry (Razzies) Awards // Nobody told him you're not suppose to win those.

  • Daytime Emmys // Days of Our Lives losing best soap award was a travesty of justice.

  • AVN (Adult Video News) Awards // For existing in the first place.

  • Vanity Fair's Best Dressed shortlist // Have been blatantly ignoring Erdogan despite his stellar wardrobe.

  • Texas Taxidermy Awards

  • American Latino Media Arts Awards // Biased in favor of race.

  • NAACP Image Awards // Biased in favor of skin color.

  • PEOPLE Magazine Sexiest Man Alive Award // Chris Hemsworth? That's the most non-Muslim looking guy alive.


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