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Apr.07, 2014 | RUSSIAN GLAS•NOT

Annexation Trends: DIY Edition

The Russian goverenment, in a humanitarian effort to assist communities and regions around the globe to break the shackles of oppressing capitols, has created handy DIY Secession/Annexation kits (recommended age 9 years and up), with easy to execute step-by-step instructions (in Russian). No prior preparation required. A first batch has already been distributed all across eastern Ukraine and more are on the way. Due to popular demand the kit is soon to be issued in more languages.


   Kit contains:

  • Declaration of Independence template (x3, 100gr/m2 bond paper, A3 portrait format and PDF format in flash-drive)

  • Declaration of Secession Referendum template (as before)

  • Secession Referendum ballot-box (x3, 50x50x100cm plastic, sealed incl. ballots)

  • Referendum results template (PDF format only)

  • Formal Request to Russian Federation for Accession (x2, 70gr/m2 bond paper A4 portrait format, incl. pre-addressed envelope)

  • Tricolor (horizontal) fabric flag  (x10, 150x250cm, WHT-BLU-RED, includes poles for mounting)

  • Tricolor (horizontal) nylon flag (x500, A5, WHT-BLU-RED, includes plastic hand-grip for waving)

  • Russian passport-cover sticker (x3000, standard size, more copies on request)

  • "I♥PUTIN" graffiti stencil (x5, 60x180cm)

  • Spray Paint Blue (x20) / Spray Paint Red (x20) / Spray Paint White (x20)

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