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Feb 26, 2015 | RUSSIAN GLAS•NOT

Russia: Internet Censorship 101

Courtesy of Russian president Vladimir Putin, "How to subdue the internet in a few easy steps", a instructional guide for authoritarians of all stripes. Especially useful for those in power in "democracies" who need to keep up appearances.


(1) Create the Russian Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media

(Censorship Central)


(2) Establish Internet Black Lists (and don't hold back adding people/sites/pages)


(3) Make a compulsory registry for bloggers (Surveillance made easy)


(4) Make data storage in Russia compulsory (Surveillance made even easier)


(5) Make sites with >3000 visitors "accountable" of information accuracy (Accuracy & truth is in the eye of those in office)


(6) Tax internet users (Discourage internet use and get some extra cash to fund all the above)


     And coming soon:


(7) Switch from Internet to Intranet (without anyone knowing)


(8) Switch the whole thing off (let them drink vodka instead or watch government-sanctioned TV)


For more on this meticulously planned subjugation click here.


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