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We all know that the Chinese have climbed to the top of the Most-Obnoxious-Tourists List, but they have now crossed the line by offending the friendliest, most welcoming & exotic (see unicorns) touristic haven/heaven country (galaxy-wise) by throwing sweets at North Korean children "like they're feeding ducks".


Presumably there was some kind of "respect" issue (it would have been a different story if they were acting like they were feeding a creature more majectic than a mere duck) and not that the sweets were heavy and angular and smacked the kids, but you never know really with those Chinese tourists going off the rails the minute they find themselves abroad.


In any case the N.Koreans are now strictly forbidding throwing stuff at kids with the exception of paper money and gold bars.


How North Korea is coping with uncouth tourists from China

Aug.06, 2013 | KIM (SQUARED)

North Korean Children: Not Ducks, More Like Griffins

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