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Museveni: From (d)Rags to Riches

It is semi-scientifically corroborated that there is a distinct correlation between an Autocrat's years in power and his levels of governance-cum-wackiness. Here, another classic example with Uganda's 28-year ruler that hails his country as "one of the richest on earth".


Apparently, per Musevani, $440 per capita annual income can get you far in Kampala or maybe he speaks metaphorically, as in the richness of the untainted (a.k.a not gay) Ugandan soul. Or even, considering that he owns the whole place and therefore the country is him, he is simply adjusting the income figures to reflect a population of one, in which case, highest per capita ever! Very likely he's going to be soon announcing the launch of a space program (to place the gays into orbit) or a wealth distribution endeavor, scattering bricks of money from airborne drones.

Ugandan president dismisses aid cuts at rally against gays

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