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Nov 14, 2014 KIM (SQUARED)

Kim: It's A Hard Knock Life (For them)

Who said Kim Jong Un, N.Korea's cheese-loving & looking leader, is not a compassionate man? Kim has just inaugurated a brand new, state of the art orphanage ("state of the art" in N.Korea means having walls on at least three sides and a water-proof roof) to house the newly orphaned children of the 6 high ranked officials he had executed. If that is not magnanimous, what is? Kim even graced the world with a public appearance to inspect the new orphanage premises after a long period of no-show. Pictures of that visit show a refreshed and spruced up Kim, disproving those rumors of death, murder or worse, that circulated the months of his absence. (Photos: KCNA via Reuters)

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