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Handbook of International Diplomacy―The Authoritarian Edition: Semantic Manipulation Caution

Diplomatic-speak is universally acknowledged to be a loftier and more tactful version of regular communiqués and to require some interpretations in order to peel off the polished emballage. Use this axiom to its logical extreme by articulating the complete opposite of your true intent or even to disguise the absent of any intent whatsoever. Beware though that extensive use of extreme semantic stretching may result in your statements becoming transparent even to the untrained ear. Case in point Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov's recent Syria visit where he did some overtly egregious stretching:


>> Assad is "completely committed to the task of stopping violence"

[i.e. He will use extreme & unrelenting violence as a homeopathic kind of remedy.]


>> Behold of Russia's "readiness to help foster the swiftest exit from the crisis"     [i.e. Readiness to turn back time to the pre-crisis status quo.]


>> Syria will base the country's stabilization on the "swiftest implementation of democratic reforms whose time has come"          

[i.e. When hell freezes over.]

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