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Handbook of International Diplomacy―The Authoritarian Edition: INSULTS 101

When considering how to respond to grave insults do not choose the conventional way of refuting them but instead use reverse psychology and embrace them. Simultaneously, in order to exact your revenge kick a fuss over something completely innocuous thereby projecting resolve and determination.


Case in point the fictitious idea-of-a-state of North Korea, which being lebelled by capitalist media a "sponsor of terrorism" or a "human-rights abuser", considered this distinction as a badge of honor. But behold its furry in the face of that brutally insulting stigma of being called "naughty" (that mega-bomb of an insult in kindergardens the world over) by none other than local Australian commuter newspaper "mX" (obviously the mouthpiece of the capitalistic drak lords) which rightly has been revealed to be a "symbol of a rogue paper (...) to be cursed long in Olympic history".

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