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Handbook of International Diplomacy―The Open Source Edition: Blowing off Steam

When in need of blowing off some bilateral steam on the diplomatic stage, choose a non-issue like an innocuous delicacy such as yogurt. Case in point, a bona-fide escalating diplomatic spat between USA & Russia over Greek yogurt is always a delight, especially when the tug of war of diplomacy includes statements such as these:


>> “I’d like to think that yogurt could have diplomatic immunity,” Chobani CMO (you can always count on these Marketing guys for gloss)


>> "There is simply no time to waste in getting our Olympic athletes a nutritious and delicious food. The Russian authorities should get past ‘nyet,’ ” US Senator Schumer (no vote of confidence for the Russian catering)


>> “We are a lawful country, you should follow the rules,” Russian US Embassy spokesman (playing hardball, cause what's the point of grandstanding over mundane issues like Syria, Iran and nuclear disarmament?)

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