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In a typical reverse psychology move, Back Rain Ordnance, an up and coming "boutique" gun manufacturer has chosen the bio-hazard symbol as its proud logo.


That's because a man's man, man enough to carry an all-american steal firearm chiseled, sanded and polished by all-american male hands, can have bio-hazard coffee for breakfast, bio-hazard ribs for lunch and bio-hazard probiotic yogurt for a light dinner (and for the occasional bio-hazard snack in-between).


The bio-hazard moto could also be a wink to the machine-gun-brandishing hunter that proudly considers himself a menacing hazard to the biological entities scampering, leaping & hopping innocently through the local forest, which could snatched at any moment and transfigured into a spicy casserole or a fur trapper hat.


GUNSЯUS: Gunning for Excellence

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