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Apr.10, 2014 | RUSSIAN GLAS•NOT

Gorbachev: Destroyer of Nations, Corrupter of Souls












Now that the Russian Federation is back on track to reclaim its Soviet era dominion, the issue of accountability was bound to be brought up. And as for any chain of complex and nuanced historical events, politicians, for the sake of the public's comprehension, are embarking on the brave task to condense it to a classic whodunit, an Agatha Christie murder mystery.


As far as this case is concerned, it is of course evident beyond a shadow of a doubt that the culprit is Gorbachev. The infamous ad campaigns of the capitalistic monstrosities of the West that are Louis Vuitton and Pizza Hut, which he willingly participated, are as good as any evidence that any court could ever demand to hand out a resolute verdict of guilty. In a stroke, Gorbachev not only disbanded the USSR, but also ruined the Russian diet with stuffed-crust, cheese-chocked aberrations and corrupted the Russian soul with exorbitantly priced leather goods.


This commendable political effort for historical justice should not stop at the recent past but should delve into the annals of the Empire to shed light on other ruinous leaders that should be shamed and, if possible, exhumed and tried. Take for instance Tsar Nikolas II, he practically handed the Nobel Peace prize to Theodore Roosevelt via his Russo-Japanese war, he disastrously ushered the country unprepared into WW1 and of course he tolerated Rasputin thereby plaguing future generations with the eponymous song by Boney M.


Group of deputies wants Gorbachev investigated over Soviet break-up

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