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Mar.24, 2014 | ERDOĞAN

Erdoğan vs Posse of Dark Forces

On the unfolding roster of scourges that have befallen Turkey, according to Erdogan, and after the shaming of the "entity called Twitter, this YouTube, this Facebook" (we can imagine his disgust even pronouncing "this THING called Facebook"... the horror, the horror!) for their abundance of lies, we can now add all the main opposition parties that are apparently forming an "alliance of evil". 


So lets see where we stand so far on the roster of "treasonous networks":


>> The Evil League of Social Media >> Lies, lies and nothing but lies

>> The Political Alliance of Evil > Wrecking democracy

>> Gullen's terrorist organization-cum-parallel state >> Subverting the State

>> The street-protesting "charlatans" >> "Terrorists and plunderers"

>> The nefarious "porn lobby" > Spewing immorality

>> The "international interest rate lobby" >> Plotting economic collapse

>> Foreign Media >> "Stealing the national will of the country" (plus Lies)

>> The internet at large >> Brewing "blackmail & immorality" (plus Lies)

...My gosh, how can this man sleep at night? I am no doctor, so I m just speculating here, but we either have a case of overstimulated imagination or a classic case of Persecution Complex.


Turkish PM Erdogan says rivals will be crushed

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