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Apr.08, 2014 | ERDOĞAN

Erdoğan: Doyen of the Multiverse

Science fiction is rife with theories and speculation about the notion of parallel/alternative universes and there's even a couple of half-decent films about it. But behold, here is a real case scenario courtesy of fiery-mouthed Erdoğan: there is a domestic-cum-international treacherous conspiracy against him and he vows to 'liquidate' it. This case follows the classic paradigm of the duplicitous, soulless, copycat state mirroring the pious, righteous, original state; its sole purpose being the subversion of the latter.


Erdoğan's expertise on contemporary technological advancements, evident in his embrace of emerging tech trends of moral virtue (see his speech-giving hologrammatic avatar) and his crusade against those of pernicious nature (e.g. the Internet) give credence to his revelations. Sci-fi aficionados and other interested parties are advised to examine this rare occurrence with haste as the PM-extraordinaire has also vowed to "liquidate" the parallel cosmos with great urgency. Marvel & DC comic book readers are crossing their fingers that he is being literal.

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