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This Crimea thing just got serious. It's all quite innocuous and hardly worth mentioning if some unpronounceable Russian oligarch has some measly millions frozen and can't outfit his football team with new gear or some American company having difficulty in its Siberian partnership drilling operations, but this!?


Sabotaging Miley's (and Justin's!) career in such a gruesome manner and inflicting such emotional pain to her fans is going too far. We are one step closer to a worldwide armed conflict. And notice how brilliantly cunning are the Russians, surreptitiously acquiring music venues around the world to have leverage over the fate of pop artists and therefore be in a position to control teenage angst the world over, which is like controlling nuclear nukes only whinier.


Miley Cyrus concert may be hit by US sanctions

Apr.03, 2014 | LA CRÈME DE LA CRIMÉE

Crimea Annexation: It Just Got Serious

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